Its easy to want things in life. Something you might see on the television, or read in a magazine. Even seeing someones body might make you want what they have. What do you know is real anymore when you see someones body in an advertisement. 

When it comes to your body results aren't easy to come to. You might want to lose some weight, or build a upper body. It easy easy to want then to choose to actually work towards that goal. How much will you actually work for it?

Wanting to lose weight.

is different from 

Choosing to to lose weight.  

Wanting is  more just a thought. Only a piece of a puzzle. I believe when you start to choose to lose weight or whatever your goal may be. Your taking the necessary steps to actually get you to your goal.  So try to stop just wanting and start making the choice to do what needs to be done to get you there. 

- Soupar Sovidaray -