I could have never done it on my own! Due to the tremendous effort of Soup, I have lost almost 50 pounds. For a fifty year old man this was no easy challenge to get my but motivated to exercise and change my diet. Through personal training, nutritional coaching and motivational encouragement, I am certain I will hit my all my target goals. Soup takes my exercise program to the “next level” keeping it fresh and exciting each time I see him. Additionally, without his coaching and encouragement I would have never been able to run a Tough Mudder for my 50th birthday. Soup is an amazing trainer and most importantly I am glad to call him my friend.    

- Robert Chesshir -  


"Having Soupar as a trainer has been absolutely amazing. He is patient when you are learning a certain technique; he's a mixture between challenging, encouraging, and motivating when he knows you can push yourself further; has extensive knowledge in nutrition and kinesiology; and is very professional. He is really one and all. He embodies the various archetypal trainer roles and caters it to what you and your body needs. I definitely have more confidence in the gym and when I'm out in public after training with Soupar. If you are ready to take that step into a new healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend you train with Soupar."

- Cristina Gasch - 


Working with Soupar is awesome!! He is very motivating and I saw results the first month of working with him. He helped me get fit for my wedding in June. I've worked with him for several years now and couldn't be happier. 

- Radhika Engineer -